Fr Kevin, o.p. – Our IT genius: computer scientist, researcher and actor

6 October 2018

Brother Kevin Stephens, a doctoral student at the School, will soon be completing his thesis. Sent here in 2008, he had to return to his Province, in St. Louis, Missouri (USA), after defending his lectio coram in 2013. He then became a teacher at the Aquinas Institute of Theology, which is both a seminary and a centre open to all. This investment slowed him down considerably in the completion of his thesis. “The provincial gave me a few months because the resources here are more accessible… and because everyone wants me to finish it!” he adds with a sense of humour.

In 2008, while he was here, he created the La Bible en ses Traditions website from scratch. “At the time, there were a lot of ideas, but when it came time to put them into practice, a proposal (whitepaper) put forward a hypothesis for creation, but it didn’t work. The following weekend, I wrote the first version of the site. It was the first time the idea had been realised. It’s been ten years now. It’s constantly being improved, for greater speed, new functions, etc. The technology used in 2008 was the best, but the speed of change in the IT world is incredible: so the technology has changed gradually, and we’re always improving our site.”

Read our brother’s charming full profile here.


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