A Digital Scroll: Why?

6 juin 2014

Altering the ‘Default Setting’ of Printed Bibles…

We offer to the general public access to a new way of editing and translating the Bible:

the scroll of the ‘BIBLE IN ITS TRADITIONS’ (in French, with insights in English and Spanish).

This free new edition is the basis of an ongoing work of numerous teams which prepare a full-fledged annotation, applying the analytical framework of The Bible in Its Traditions Research Project : clear notes from contemporary biblical scholarship, analytically arranged in



From Genesis to Revelation, scroll through Scripture right and left — horizontally — just as in an antique biblical manuscript.

Discover the many voices of Scripture as in a musical score:

  • Hebrew (“massoretic”) : M
  • Greek: G
  • Latin (“Vulgate”) : V
  • Syriac: S

By the end of 2016,
The French version of La Bible en ses traditions allows you to experience at least two voices: the original Hebrew (M) or Greek (G) versions and the Latin (V) translation.
As we progress and the work of our translators proceeds,
access to the other major versions will be opened…


Turn the “antique” scroll into a “mediaeval” glossa, and display the notes.

Our free edition offers:

  • the King James Version which is our ‘canvas’ text
  • a new translation and a complete annotation of two sample texts: Psalm 1 and James 5:13–18

Our premium edition displays

26 rubrics of notes, ranging from grammar to film to theology, which allow you to

  • study the TEXT
  • learn about its CONTEXT
  • discover its main interpretations over the centuries of its RECEPTION

Get some background !

  • Display introductions to the books
  • Search the Bible, using the search bar: look for a word, an expression, or a biblical reference.
  • Display synthetic notes.


From among 26 rubrics of notes, choose those which you would like to display or hide


Email us

As you read, send your corrections, suggestions and comments!

Create your account or log in, suscribe
(starting at $10 per year) to access the premium edition = preview notes being prepared by our teams in real time.


Sur le « scroll », retrouvez la Bible dans une interface qui concentre l’histoire de la transmission des Écritures, depuis le rouleau antique jusqu’à la base de données d’aujourd’hui.

Accéder au scroll


Sur cette plateforme collaborative, biblistes et autres spécialistes créent la base de données qui alimente nos publications numériques et imprimées.

Accéder à la plateforme


En installant l’application Bibleart sur votre mobile ou votre tablette retrouvez toute la Bible en une heureuse rencontre de créativité contemporaine et de trente siècles de traditions.

Accéder à BibleArt

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