Our Session at the S.B.L in San Antonio: Catching up With Friends and Colleagues

2 mars 2022

(de dr. à g.) Luc Peeters, Lukasz Popko, Kevin Stephens, Olivier-Thomas Venard, Henry B. Gonzalez Conference Center, San Antonio, TX, 22 nov. 2022

Our Presentation

Thanks to our friend Prof. Mark Elliott (St-Andrew’s), and his lieutenant and former student, Prof Michael Graves who chaired the session and responded with some comments, we could present both the Passion According To Matthew and Jonah in the framework of “SBL History of interpretation section.”

The presentation took place with some scarce presence of the public, on the last day of the « COVID SBL, » but it went well and we are happy it took place.

Listening to Virtual Dr Trinka

— Three short videos presented the challenges and successes of interdisciplinary work on a biblical book
— Lukasz Popko completed them by speaking about two precise points: (1) how ancient translations shape our modern translation of the MT; (2) whether and how reception history (visual arts) can shape exegesis.

We had an enthusiastic response and some good questions.
The Jonah experience makes us think if we could organise other small teams working on a limited corpus similar to Jonah and repeat the same model.

Other Friends

This short stay in the U.S.A. gave us the opportunity to meet and catch up with several friends from the Ecole biblique, such as Francisco Martins S.J. who will soon start teaching at the Gregorian University in Rome.

Prof. Nina Von Heereman is flourishing in St. Patrick’s Seminary and University (Menlo Park CA); we hope she will be able to join our team editing the Cantique des Cantiques.

November 2021

Nicolas von Heereman is well advanced in his PhD (Notre Dame University)

Proudly showing his sister Nina’s tremendous dissertation on the Song of Songs

Rev Kevin Zilverberg, (University of St. Thomas, St. Paul, Minnesota) who will be lecturing on the Latin versions of the Bible next year at the École in Jérusalem, and will be able to advise us in our well advanced new translation of the Mediaeval Vulgate.

Catching up on the River Side, San Antonio TX, 21.11.1967

Also Matthew Monnig SJ (Boston College School of Theology and Ministry)

Friendly Greetings


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