Why Revise the Jerusalem Bible?

6 juillet 2014

One may ask for the reasons that we feel this is the right time to revise the Jerusalem Bible. Here are our reasons:

•⇥To celebrate the 800th anniversary of the foundation of the Order of Preachers (the Dominicans) in 2016 by presenting the Word of God to the Church and the World in an unprecedented way;

•⇥To provide a milestone achievement for the benefit of the general public and the various institutions which support us, without waiting for ‘The Bible in its Traditions’ to exist as a complete Bible;

•⇥To offer a high-quality digitalization of the Jerusalem Bible (being practically inaccessible online today in its latest edition) and thereby to catapult it into the 21st century by permitting regular up-dating (especially in its English version which has not been properly revised);

•⇥To display **the continuity between the Jerusalem Bible and The Bible in its Traditions** and offer to the contributors a more solid and more modern, base than the Crampon, KJV or Reina translations, which have served thus far. (They will be able in the first instance to enrich a quality set of notes already arranged analytically according to the new system of zones and rubrics).

•⇥in partnership with Les Éditions du Cerf and with the support of two foundations.

We are preparing the reference digital edition of the (New) Jerusalem Bible, with an annotation entirely remastered according to the pattern of ‘The Bible in Its Traditions’ Research Project.

This remasterised Jerusalem Bible will be the basis for the work of our contributors online.

It will be made available to mass audiences as an application in 2016.


Sur le « scroll », retrouvez la Bible dans une interface qui concentre l’histoire de la transmission des Écritures, depuis le rouleau antique jusqu’à la base de données d’aujourd’hui.

Accéder au scroll


Sur cette plateforme collaborative, biblistes et autres spécialistes créent la base de données qui alimente nos publications numériques et imprimées.

Accéder à la plateforme


En installant l’application Bibleart sur votre mobile ou votre tablette retrouvez toute la Bible en une heureuse rencontre de créativité contemporaine et de trente siècles de traditions.

Accéder à BibleArt

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